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Management is a vast subject. To answer the questions you may have about what management actually is, let’s just say that management is all the techniques for organizing resources (and therefore people) in a company to achieve the best possible performance. In short, managing is certainly directing, but it is above all planning, organizing, thinking about processes and ensuring that the resources available to the company are used to the best of their ability to provide the best performance.

Beyond his or her great leadership skills, a good manager is above all a human being, endowed with great empathy and insights, a sense of listening, and a good knowledge of the general functioning of the company. The manager adapts to changes in the company and adapts his management to the people he leads and the situations he has to deal with. With the latest trends in business the digital aspect of business takes an important place in any trajectory.



A business school or a management school provides you with a general education that gives you a solid foundation in all the skills required in a global company (management, economics, marketing, finance, law, commerce).

The most prestigious french business schools are only accessible after two years of preparatory classes to prepare you for the challenges of an entrance exam to these business schools. Mostly an undergraduate and postgraduate program is available. A masters degree in marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, communication… A series of tools and techniques that will enable students to “manage” a company or an organisation. In the same vein, we can add languages. The mastery of digital tools is not necessarily the subject of specific teaching, but is inevitable if you want to be a good manager in the 21st century. Especially if you have followed the news and updates about how work environments evolve during the pandemic.



We are proud to offer higher education in Management, Engineering Sciences, Communication & Digital and Political Sciences and are the proud detainer of the equis accreditation.
Nothing less than academic excellence is aimed at by our executive members and we shoot for the best Bachelor and masters courses. Our graduates can leave with the trusted feeling of support from a big international network. Not only do we offer a scholarship for any student that is part of the best among the best but we can guarantee that they will be desired profiles in the entrepreneurial world. The sought after skills that are the result of our detailed trajectories will provide them with the basics they need to be excellent managers. The 6 career paths offered as well as the numerous customization options combine the acquisition of knowledge, skills, know-how and interpersonal skills necessary for professional integration. The Grande École Programme was a forerunner in work-study teaching. It is an essential lever for financing studies and facilitating access to employment. But it is also 3,000 internship or professional contract agreements, 250 humanitarian and civic missions, 500 companies during its Business Week and 15 people dedicated to your professional project. More than 150 partner universities in 41 countries, 2 campuses abroad (London and San Francisco) and international double degrees offered. The possibility of taking 100% of courses in English. And a unique Excellence Programme that offers a triple degree for European careers.



At INSEEC we are blessed with top management schools over different continents. In Paris and Lyon the ESCE trains its students for international business functions. Today, a network of more than 11,000 graduates of the school works throughout the world to develop the internationalisation of business. Direct admission is open to future students with a baccalaureate (via the Sesame competitive entrance exam) and parallel admission is open to students with a BAC+2/+3 (via the Ambitions+ competitive entrance exam). At EBS Paris, Grande Ecole of Management, with a strong focus on Entrepreneurship, Digital, Innovation and Creativity (EDIC), in an international and multicultural environment. In Lyon, Bordeaux in France, London in the UK, and San Francisco in the USA you can study at the INSEEC BBA – ECE. This is a 4-year Bachelor in Business Administration accessible after the Bac or via admission on title in the 2nd or 3rd year. It’s very international and it allows you to spend more than 2 years abroad (internships, international campuses, university exchanges). The diploma validates a Master 1 level and allows direct access to the 5th year of the MSc and MBA programmes. The INSEEC International BBA programme is 100% in English and accessible after the baccalaureate. It prepares students for an international career in 4 years, thanks to a universally recognised diploma. Students spend time on the London and San Francisco campuses to develop their Anglo-Saxon culture. Once they graduate, they can join one of the MSc & MBA programmes at Omnes Education. or at major American universities. Be sure to have a look at our other specialised campuses like the Omnes Education Sport centre in Chambery, where athletes can combine sports, business and management.

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