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Integrate business school

Integrate business school

Every academic year, a growing number of students are attracted to a course of study at a french business school.
These students come to find degree programs and an experience that are recognised and have a sure impact on the job market, but also an enriching social life and an active network of alumni. While business schools are attractive, they also tend to be selective. Thus, one question based on pure legitimacy that many students ask themselves remains: how to get into a business school and how to prepare to integrate such a school? Many hesitate between a preparatory class and a university course for example.


Integration via a preparatory class

Since decennia, the preparatory class has been considered as the ideal medium to enter a quality business school. Even if the number of students that are selected on the basis of their qualifications is tending to increase, students from the HEC preparatory classes still represent 60% of a class in almost every business school. However, it can be considered a certainty that the preparatory class curriculum is not suitable for every type of profile. The preparatory class requires students to be able to focus on an enormous workload, to be rigorous and to have the capability to perform under pressure. The competition is tough and the best students from the final year of secondary school are for the most part encouraged to go to the preparatory classes.

Moreover, competitive examinations always involve a degree of uncertainty and every year some candidates tend to be disappointed with their final results at the faculty. Nevertheless, the success rates remind us that all students enrolled in a preparatory class can enter at least one school at the end of their course. In fact, there are as many places in the schools as there are candidates. The preparatory class is therefore a guarantee of getting into a top business school for an MBA programme.


But there are other ways

Some students prefer a purely academic environment and will have the best chance when they integrate preparatory class. Others, on the contrary, need a more practice oriented curriculum that will allow them to immerse themselves as fast as possible and use their knowledge in the professional world and on the work floor. The integration of a business school depends largely on the student’s motivation. The important thing is to listen to yourself and to embark on a course that will meet your expectations in terms of programme and opportunities.

The organizations of major French management schools have thus chosen to open their courses to students with varied profiles. Parallel admissions have the advantage of allowing students to have an additional diploma compared to HEC prep school students. Students who have followed a university course, a DUT or a BTS have also had the opportunity through internships to get to know the professional world, which is highly valued by recruiters. Many will say that it is easier to enter a business school through parallel admissions than through a preparatory class. However, it is important to bear in mind that schools reserve a limited number of places for parallel admissions students.


INSEEC business school programs

For 50 years, ESCE has been training its students for international business functions and preparing the global executive leaders of tomorrow. Today, a network of more than 11,000 graduates of the school works throughout the world to develop the internationalisation of business and you can find a campus in many parts of the world. The international aspect of our schools are a remarkable plus for the personal development of our students. Direct admission processes are open to students with a baccalaureate (via the Sesame competitive entrance exam) and parallel admission is open to students with a BAC+2/+3 (via the Ambitions+ competitive entrance exam).

Like the majority of post-bac business schools, the application to join the INSEEC Bachelor is managed independently, outside the ParcourSup procedure. Admission to the first year of the INSEEC Bachelor programme is open to students in their final year of high school and to students who have already obtained the Baccalauréat. INSEEC Grande Ecole is a Grande Ecole of Business and Management, member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and the Chapter offering education in finance, technology, luxury, sports and of course business and management. Direct admission is open to students from preparatory classes (via the BCE competitive entrance exam) and parallel admission is open to students from BTS, DUT, Licence 2/3. (via the INSEEC Evolution competitive entrance exam).

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