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Business School competitions represent an important part of the MBA journey. They are an excellent way for students to show their talent and business skills to the wide world. As these competitions are not an obligatory part of the trajectory of a master’s degree, the students that engage to take part in these competitions stand out from the already competitive crowd at an international business school.

The biggest advantage of participating in a challenge or competition are numerous, but some of the most tangible ones are, study points, credits, cash prizes, the opportunity to interact with company leaders and many more. For many students, winning or taking a chance in a corporate competition is much more rewarding than achieving a perfect score in their academic courses.



The life of a business student is already quite hectic, with deadline submissions, intensive lectures and credits that need to be secured. Despite these facts, every year, students will participate with an outstanding motivation in business school competitions organised by corporate or public structures. Entries are open to all eligible students.

As a future international MBA or MsC graduate, you might ask yourself, what are the benefits of participating in these competitions ? Becoming a winner or just even an engaged participant of a prestigious management school competition organised by a company stands out from potential academic achievements. It accentuates your organised research potential, your dedication to hard work, and your extraordinary business knowledge. It will result in a strongpoint on your CV that will surely be discussed during your future job interviews.

These competitions have a specific structure and a domain of expertise. A good finish in these proves that you have knowhow in the domain and of your problem-solving skills along with other sought after skills. These events are great for forging a professional network as well as creating a testing ground for any innovative idea you might have. You will get to understand the corporate world better, often in an international environment where highly skilled professionals roam the halls.



Choosing INSEEC Grande École, is to combine academic university courses, international and professional experience thanks to the many invitational or spontaneous competitions our students are involved in.

Take for example our own INSEEC Digital Innovation Challenge. A competition based on business creation (entrepreneurship) and project development (intrapreneurship) in the digital sector. Or the StartUp factory, A course dedicated to students wishing to create their own start-ups, in the world of Digital Entrepreneurship, in San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley where competitiveness is part of daily life and where world class mentors work hand in hand with promising student projects.

After the theory given in the business school courses, any student is able to put all this knowledge into practice for different challenges. The aim is to give them new perspectives and specific knowledge to develop their business project. During these events, business school students learn the technical means to become a leader in a particular sector. Among the sectors they will be able to analyse for example the financial sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the web and digital.

The students are of course put into a real business situation and forced to plan and execute their projects during different rounds with diversified subjects. In teams the students have to represent a real company competing with the other teams. Through practical work and role-playing close to the reality of companies, they are able to acquire knowledge on the creation of a business model, competitive analysis, finding solutions and are able to solve relevant problems. Digitalisation makes it possible to create a business without a large initial investment, and a growing number of students are no longer hesitating to take the final plunge. Entrepreneurship education was introduced in our school and is designed to stimulate creativity through bootcamps, hackathons and pitch competitions. The most promising startup will continue developing in in-house incubators.



Competition can also be found on a social level. Many humanitarian associations allow future students to get involved in meaningful projects in France or abroad. Whether it’s giving tutoring to secondary school students, taking part in the 4L Trophy or collecting and transporting medical equipment to Eastern Europe, each humanitarian project is an opportunity for students to become involved as citizens and to enrich their lives through contact with others.

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