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Join a Master (Programme Grande Ecole) in Management

2nd year – Corporate finance & risks

    • Paris
  • Management
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2nd year– International Business Management

    • Paris
    • Bordeaux
    • Lyon
  • Management
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1st year – ESCE – International Career

  • ESCE
    • Paris
    • Lyon
  • Management
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2nd year – Entrepreneurship, management & leadership

    • Paris
    • Bordeaux
    • Lyon
  • Management
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3rd Year EBS Paris Programme Grande Ecole

    • Paris
  • Management
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What is
a master
in management?

A Master's degree in Management trains a wide range of professionals capable of designing, managing, supporting and evaluating projects in companies, such as :

  • the creation of a production unit
  • the improvement of a relevant quality process
  • the development and launch of a new product
  • the setting up of an organization or a new company branch

This training is general and transversal and provides all the necessary knowledge and requirements to have access to opportunities to manage a structure and the challenges that go with it. It takes two years to complete, gives a 5-year degree, and can be taken as an initial, alternation based or continuing education course.

Why choose
a master
in management

With a master's in management, you broaden your horizons in a unique way. It does not matter what your background is or the things you have studied. When becoming a manager it opens up to a global job market.

This type of programme can be an professional asset for many people. You learn skills that you can apply in any field. Your fellow students will have diverse backgrounds, from computer science to physics. And some of them are doing the programme as a second master's degree.

All those backgrounds make the discussions in the lecture halls very enjoyable. The master in management allows students to understand the corporate side of companies. This is especially interesting if your ambition is to one day lead a team or a company.

The programme has a broad perspective and is therefore not specifically aimed at one subject. For example, you get subjects such as finance, marketing, strategy and business analytics. You not only learn academic theories, but also things you can really put in practice. For example, a consultancy project, where you apply new skills in an existing company. Because of the broad perspective, you will acquire a wide range of skills. Especially as a beginner, it is important that you know the basics of various fields. It really adds to your career if you ever want to work as a manager.


The MSC courses in Management & Business Development at INSEEC university, the leading business and management school with a 5-year degree, are part of our school's 8 training programmes, which also include classes in Digital, Finance, Luxury & Wine, Marketing, Communication, Management, Health & HR and Sport. The Master of Science 1 in Management and Strategy courses are taught at some of the greatest INSEEC campuses in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon.

Graduates will be able to choose from several courses:

  • sales management
  • international management (50% English)
  • retail & distribution management
  • purchasing (50% English)
  • or international management (100% English)

In each of these streams you will follow courses based on the fundamentals in order to confirm and update certain notions. Each stream has specialised courses. These highly ranked Masters of Science and MBA programmes specialising in management and key strategy prepare our students to become future executives and business leaders.

These courses are offered on the INSEEC campuses in the cities of Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry. Each of the specialisations in these courses trains students for specific positions in the fields of human resources management, health establishment management, business engineering, entrepreneurial strategy, the art market or sports management. These courses offered by our leading management schools will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to succeed in your professional life.

for entry

To enter a Master's degree in Management in Master 1, you must have obtained skills through a bachelor's degree obtained in Europe or other agreed learning structures from over the world (180 ECTS credits) in a field of study compatible with this type of Master's degree.

This diploma can be a licence or a licence pro in organisational management, law, economics, management, AES (economic and social administration), public administration, management, social sciences, business administration and management. You can also enter this course in Master 1 as a postgraduate with a Bachelor's degree in Management or a Generalist Bachelor's degree. Access to the Master 2 is open to students with a Bac+4 or an engineering school diploma who are looking for management skills. These programmes are also open to all professionals who wish to consolidate, update or develop their skills and enhance their professional experience. For any questions about a scholarship, our entrance fee or financial aid we happily refer you to our website.

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