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Without even considering the level of competition, it is certain that competition is what drives students and professionals to excel and go beyond what’s pursued as competitive. Even as a leisure activity it brings something to the school but also on professional levels. Stress management, surpassing oneself, competitive spirit, preparation: the professional world is very similar to sports competitions.

That’s why INSEEC aims to be considered as a real competition school. We ensure to offer access to a wide number of different school competitions and student challenges that include school sport, group experiences or even games between higher education institutions on a national and international level that can be enjoyed during your studies at our school.



The Tour de France, Roland-Garros, the Vendée Globe, the latest Euros in 2016 and partly in 2021 and soon the 2024 Summer Olympics: France hosts and is competing in some of the world’s greatest adult and youth sports events. Within French universities, the University Physical and Sports Activities Service (SUAPS) allows students to participate in sports activities for a modest annual fee via their college.

There are many disciplines on offer and practice is open to all, whatever your level of skill or experience we want to engage young sports enthusiasts as much as possible and create winners. For the most athletic among us, the French Federation of University Sports organises sports competitions between student teams from all higher education establishments. Inseec is responsible for promoting sport among students in universities.

The objective is twofold: to promote university competitions by enhancing the image of the universities and, of course, to encourage young practitioners to do more sport! The Sports Office brings together all the sports activities and resources on campus and entry is accessible to everyone: team sports and participation in university championships in football, basketball and rugby, organisation of ski trips, karting races and sports weekends, development of partnerships with professional clubs such as ASVEL, not forgetting the solidarity aspect with the INSEEC Race, the annual race for young school children in partnership with UNICEF. Awards are not everything, we encourage future students engaging in social improvement is a big part of sportsmanship. If you’re interested in competing, don’t hesitate and start submitting as soon as possible.



As says Julian Dupraz, our programme director at INSEEC Sport: At a time when the Olympic Games are to be held in Paris in 2024 are already beginning to swarm and a second star has appeared on the jersey of the French national team, the sport business market is still building and becoming more professional. With television rights on the rise (the billion euro mark was exceeded in football), and stars galore, sports structures and associations are pursuing their growth strategy in all sectors.

This is why, at INSEEC’s international school, sports management and sports science is an essential part of our training catalogue as it gives access to careers even after active sports careers. With the help of professionals recognised in their field (professional clubs, distribution, sports equipment manufacturers and media), our teaching methods are innovative and of high quality. The backdrop to this is the perfect and integrated integration of our students into companies. So don’t let that stop you. Sign up for the starting line. So that the history of sport is also, and above all, written with you. As a young school that is dynamic and engaged, we owe it to our students to offer as many sports programs and competition as possible.



School sport has taken a leap into the 21st century. The growth of e-sports has allowed it to reach a much wider audience, which helps to engage young players in the field of economic opportunities so important that they have attracted the curiosity of many non-endemic entities. Unfortunately, as in any industry, some ill-intentioned or incompetent people also try their hand at it and do terrible damage to the image of esports.

INSEEC business school which has campuses in Paris, Lyon, Shanghai and San Francisco dives head first into this global trend and is now considered an expert institution when it comes to e-sports. It has launched an e-sport course in its school based in the French capital. It’s based on an existing communications course, rather than creating a new course totally dedicated to the discipline, which, as we have already seen in the past, can be very shaky in an established academic environment. Three main parts structure the training: the fundamentals, specialised modules (technologies supporting e-sport) and e-sport culture. “The objective of this MSc is to put students in contact with communication professionals in the field of esport and to transmit skills in addition to the start-up and digital culture.

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