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As a private institution of higher education and interdisciplinary research, Omnes Education. offers a new educational model with a wide range of business school courses based on values of openness and commitment, a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a major player in the sector, training over 28,000 students today, Omnes Educationniversity aims to prepare its graduates with bachelors and masters degrees to meet the challenges posed by economic, environmental and societal transitions. INSEEC Grande École offers training in management professions, centred on a multi-disciplinary approach and field experience in companies and abroad. The aim is twofold: the acquisition of knowledge and skills linked to specialised expertise and preparation for the jobs of tomorrow that do not yet exist. INSEEC Grande École is part of Omnes Education., an institution that federates 16 schools in the fields of Management, Engineering, Communication, Political Science and International Relations. Thanks to this diversity, Omnes Education.’s programme offers all its students short and specialised MBA/MsC courses and degrees in the fields of Economics, Digital, Marketing, Finance, Luxury, Spirits, Sport and CSR



The goal of our courses is that at the end of your time at our school you’ve become a leadership expert, responsible and efficient manager by offering a true executive education. One of our strong specificities is the chosen professional integration. To achieve this, demanding courses in all management disciplines (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Management Control, etc.) are designed to enable our students to claim a clearly identified job at the end of the school, thanks to a choice between several job categories in the final year’s programme. This way we ensure them to be in the starting blocks for a rewarding career on the global job market.



Developing critical and independent skills combined with strong analytical thinking is a must when you wish to become one of the leaders of the future. The aim is to enable students to learn to decipher information, to organize and prioritize it, and to place it in a wider context. The aim is to train independent minds, always on the alert in the face of the continuous flow of fake news and beliefs, and capable of opposing the time for reflection and analysis to the urgency of hot reaction. A true leader is no stranger to understanding the world’s major issues and our courses guarantee a foundation of knowledge that puts Management and Administration into perspective through the prisms of Philosophy, Sociology, History and Geopolitics by taking the form of Masters Classes with great thinkers and influencers of the business world.

The courses will also include pedagogical innovations in the form of multidisciplinary analyses of major events and organisations that have marked the history of mankind. All of our students will end up knowing how to work in an intercultural environment. In a globalized world, where major migrations will continue to grow under the weight of political and economic crises, the objective is to open our students to real interculturality in order to better accept differences unique to whatever industry in whatever country of the world: to understand the other in order to better know oneself, and thus train managers who know how to lead intercultural teams, while taking into account CSR and its civic dimension. You will be able to undertake and lead change.

Through team management and change management methods, students will develop an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to lead projects. This know-how is essential at a time when all functions except project managers know how to mobilize cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams while drawing up their strategies.



Our permanent faculty members are responsible for teaching, pedagogical coordination and innovation in the Omnes Education schools. They conduct research of high academic level, which contributes to the development of the international scientific community and professional management skills. The INSEEC Grande École faculty brings together 60 permanent teacher-researchers and 300 lecturers, teachers or from the professional world, who together ensure the quality of teaching to meet the expectations of students and companies. They intervene in the fields of Management and Human Resources, Ethics and Humanities, General Culture, Finance, Accounting, Management and Organisation of Companies, and Strategy.

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