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Specificities of business school studies


If you’re aiming to be one of the innovating business stars of tomorrow it would be a preferential decision to enrol in a top business school. Our institute offers a series of types of degrees at different levels of higher education. Students can therefore choose to follow a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree (as well as many other Bac+5 courses), an MBA or an MSC. The courses at our university combine the fundamental themes of the culture and topics specific to the business professions.

The major specificity of the first year is that it’s focused on the target of deepening and broadening the fundamental knowledge needed to adapt to the rapidly changing contemporary world. Students spend most of the year on one of our three campuses in Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon. Then they spend two months (March and April) in the United Kingdom for a complete linguistic immersion into the local department, followed by a first work placement.

Our Master’s programme emphasises the fundamental technical and professional content essential to all students. This year also allows them to match with a company and choose a first professional career in the three main areas of management sciences (finance, marketing and management).

Check out this quote of one of the great authors of 21st century business successes, Mr Steve Jobs, wrote in his journal :

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”



Let’s dive into the specificities of business school studies. At Omnes Education we understand that the world evolves and we strongly focus on these two keywords: professionalisation and internationalisation.

Business schools are trying to train graduates who are immediately operational and who will spare recruiters long and costly training courses in an economic context undermined by a rather timid recovery.

On the other hand, the challenges of globalisation require a command of English as well as the ability to work with the best technology in multicultural teams. Through team management and changing policies and management methods, students will develop an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to lead projects. This know-how is essential at a time when all functions except project managers know how to mobilise transverse and multidisciplinary teams.



The first year during your business courses will be devoted to general courses and items that will build a solid base of knowledge to prepare for the specialisation. The specificities of these subjects are common. They include: macro economics, advertising, finance, statistics and probability, English, mathematics, human sciences, etc.

The curricula progressively slides towards specialisation while keeping general subjects common to the students. In order to obtain their diploma, students will in most cases have to complete a long internship in a company or follow their training on a sandwich course. This will be an opportunity for them to put their knowledge into practice, to learn about the reality of the field, to prepare a dissertation and possibly to aspire to professional integration within the host company and be the best version that their inner businessman/woman can be.



At our school, thanks to our international dimension, we are proud to animate a vast and organised alumni network. In addition to the activities organised on a regular basis, this network is a real gold mine of professional opportunities for students, whether for internships or for hiring.

The alumni network is generally active in student life: Student Office, integration evenings, junior enterprise, etc. INSEEC Grande École has been awarding the Master’s degree without interruption since 2005 and has been accredited with the AMBA since 2016. It is part of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and of the Chapitale des Écoles de Management, which brings together the best French business schools (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, etc.). It brings together 60 permanent professors specialised in Management Sciences that match with nearly 300 speakers from the professional world. INSEEC Grande École offers training programmes in management professions, centred on a multi-disciplinary approach and field experience in companies and abroad. The aim is twofold: the acquisition of knowledge and skills linked to specialised expertise and preparation for the jobs of tomorrow that do not yet exist.

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