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International graduate school

A fairly new phenomenon in Europe

Since 2018 a number of French universities have integrated, adapted and listed graduate school programs among their offers and policy. This format of higher education has been adapted from Anglo-Saxon countries’ systems. A graduate school is a school consisting of a number of substantively related Master’s and PhD students. This creates a context in which master’s students, PhD students and researchers meet and stimulate each other. In such an academic structure there are different levels and graduations. The undergraduate programs are more general in nature. There’s no general unique model for these schools but they usually include general education courses in a wide range of subjects that are not part of the graduate programs. Graduate programs are highly specialised, diverse and much more in-depth than undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate courses are usually larger in size and contain a less individualised learning process. In graduate programs, students work more closely with professors, often individually. While with undergraduate programs a final project or equivalent task is required, graduate studies are much more research-oriented. Master’s and doctoral programs include some classroom work, but the preparation of research and its defence is the primary focus of most programs. Undergraduate programs are usually limited to course-related examinations only. Graduate and postgraduate programs also include comprehensive examinations which are very important. Students willing to enrol into a graduate school are sure to find themselves amidst an international and highly stimulating academic environment.


The INSEEC international graduate school

At INSEEC university we take pride in the International aspect of our programs.The INSEEC is a private higher education and research institute with facilities all over the globe. We welcome students from all parts of the world at our 5 campuses in France that are renowned to be among the best in the country and even Europe thanks to the use of the best equipped locations and technology. We enforce our international radiation with at least one campus in Shanghai, Monaco, Geneva, London and San Francisco. Not only is our school enriching the scholar and professional life of our students but it is also contributing to the reputation and radiation of Paris as a metropolitan. INSEEC is more than a haven for higher education, it represents the best of the best in research and innovation. The capital hosts 2 academic destinations, one on each side of the city and 3 other campuses that are scattered over different regions offer some of the best courses our school has to offer. Studying is not only about getting a masters degree! Opening up yourself to the world is opening up the path to a fruitful international career. In the context of a globalised and ultra-competitive job market, recruiters tend to favour students who have given them satisfaction during an internship, professionalisation contract or apprenticeship. It’s all about seizing opportunities. This is all the more the case for international students that have been able to work in a professional structure. This type of contract acts as a trial period for the company. And it allows students to acquire professional expertise and develop numerous networks.

Admissions for students in the process of obtaining a Bac+3 (equivalent to a level 6 RNCP title) or who have obtained a Bac+3 diploma and wish to continue their studies in MSc or MBA (Bac+4, Bac+5). For employees or professionals undergoing retraining, the programs are accessible through continuing education (CPF, VAP, etc.). Applying for the 2nd year of MSc & MBA | Bac+5For students in the process of validating a Bac+4, with a Bac+4 or Bac+5. Application is also possible after 5 years of professional experience in the desired sector. For employees or professionals undergoing retraining, the programs are accessible through continuing education (CPF, VAE, VAP, etc.). For financial help with the tuition fee, scholarships, student visas or application please consult our website.


An immersion in the professional world

Whatever the student’s chosen speciality (Real Estate, Social science, Luxury, Sport, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, etc.) international companies are at the heart of INSEEC’s graduate and master programs. The work-study contract is a major feature of INSEEC MSc & MBA studies, providing a genuine immersion in the company and a launch pad for obtaining a degree and a great first job. It allows students and alumni to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, to prove and improve their skills together with the professionals that they share the workflow with. This contract can be of different kinds: internship, professionalisation or apprenticeship.


What you get out of international studies

International graduate students are able to explore new perspectives and work cooperatively in study groups using different approaches brought to the table by talented people from around the world.

They famously can acquire new language skills and thus build global networks of lasting friendships and professional contacts through immersion in local communities. Graduates that enjoy these international programs are able go on trips on their own which will lead to an increase in their self-confidence and self-awareness. Above all it’s a stimulating atmosphere that is prone to acquiring intercultural skills and knowledge, which potential employers see as an asset. Working and living in new and sometimes difficult environments will help you learn to be flexible, to understand and be open to other cultural customs and traditions and, in so doing, to become global citizens.

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