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Broaden your horizons ? Experience an unforgettable time? Get a taste of a new language, city, culture and country? Or just be one step ahead in the professional life of applicants with no foreign experience? Studying abroad offers you the chance to attend lectures and courses that you cannot do in your own country or to study at a top institution in your field. You will learn to approach issues from an international context and to take a different look at your field of study. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy higher education and learn a foreign language, even during a gap year or internship abroad. The latest research shows that employers consider international experience a plus.

In the current global market a gap year or a period of study or internship abroad on your CV sets you apart from other applicants. Students who have studied abroad or done an internship abroad find a job faster and receive a higher salary at the start of their professional careers in comparison to students without foreign experience. Also, if you want to achieve something in the research world, it is important to build a good international network.



INSEEC colleges are deployed on sites in France, England, Asia, Africa and the United States. The foreign sites complement the exchange, postgraduate programs, graduate programs and double degree opportunities with our school’s 150 experienced international partners. This internationalisation constitutes a real opportunity for personal and multicultural development and represents a real asset for the student for better professional integration.

All INSEEC Business school students spend 2 months in London in the 1st year (L3) and do an academic semester at one of the 150 foreign partner schools in the 2nd year (M1). They can also opt for one of the 7 international double degrees in the 3rd year (M2) or for an entrepreneurial experience in San Francisco. For students who want to study in Europe, the European Union’s Erasmus programmes offer a wide range of opportunities. The programme supports international students that meet the necessary requirements for study periods of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months. As an Erasmus student you pay tuition fees at the UvA and do not have to pay tuition fees at the host institution. You will also be able to receive Erasmus scholarships to help you while joining your new campus.



Every year, thousands of researchers and students go abroad for their studies or research work. Studying abroad can be very valuable for any student, undergraduate or postgraduate as we’ve seen before but there are some aspects that require some planning in terms of requirements or duties.
To all these questions we at INSEEC international university can offer advice or even help so that it’s easy for our students to find their way on our campuses in France and all over the world. Before arriving an interview and info sessions are provided for any newcomers. Omnes Education. is a private institution of higher education and multidisciplinary research in Management, Engineering Sciences, Finance, Sports, Communication & Digital and Political Sciences. Located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambéry-Savoie, Omnes Education. trains thousands of students and executives every term in classrooms and with distance learning, from Bachelor’s to DBA, in its partner institutions and universities in France and abroad.
Its graduates form a network of over 100,000 members. With campuses in London, Geneva, Monaco, San Francisco and Shanghai, Omnes Education. occupies a unique place in the French educational landscape. The international application procedure is for students living outside France (metropolitan or overseas territories), speaking either the French or English language. You can benefit from guidance and a simplified procedure without travel:

Register online and start applying on the inseec group’s apply online website. Admission is based on the following criteria:

  • Application form to be filled in online
  • Individual virtual interview by Skype
  • The jury decides on your admission within two weeks of your application.
  • You simply return the administrative booking form to confirm your enrollment, your place is reserved.
  • Final confirmation of your enrolment at sup de pub is made on presentation of proof of having obtained your baccalaureate or your last higher education diploma.
  • Be sure to follow the latest updates about COVID on the French government website.

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