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The origins of our highly ranked institution were born out of a vision and a desire to create an entirely new innovative model of business school, with respect for the need for balance. At the crossroads of business schools and political studies institutes, the curriculum combines technical and humanities teaching and integrates for the first time international experience and the entrepreneurial dimension of education. Inspired by the principles of psychomotricity, to which our founder, José Soubiran’s family heritage links him, the courses are based on the values of attention, excellence, listening and a passion for pedagogy and these principles drove him as a teacher. Its objectives are the progress and fulfilment of the pupils, with respect for each individual person, their skills and the search for the common good. All this is to be offered to the student in a safe learning environment with the best professors in the private education system.



Since 1975, Omnes Education. has proven its expertise to companies & public administrations by teaching management, engineering, communication, digital or political sciences.
Gathered around the values of freedom, social responsibility and quality, Omnes Education. schools work together in synergy with a constant objective of openness, consistency and employability.


Establishing schools in the heart of cities where the global economy is created and plays out is a major asset for the career of our students; and has been a strategic guideline of ours for over 40 years. INSEEC has top class campuses in France in the heart of major cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry but in the spirit of a true great international school our students can study in London, Monaco, Geneva, Abidjan and San Francisco.



Our education programs are organized around 4 disciplinary fields and a 5th one dedicated to several specific markets. Across these fields, Omnes Education. provides a broad range of trainings: initial and continuous, blended and eLearning, apprenticeship… from Bachelor to DBA programs.

It is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and of the Chapter of Management Schools which brings together the best French business schools (HEC, ESSEC, EMLYON, ESCP Europe, etc.). It brings together more than 40 permanent professors specialised in Management Sciences and nearly 300 speakers from the professional community.

The Grande Ecole programme is organised in two cycles:
– a BACHELOR cycle which aims to provide students with fundamental knowledge in the major disciplines of management sciences (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Taxation, Law, Quantitative Techniques, etc.)
– a MASTER cycle which allows students to choose and deepen a professional major.

The Master’s cycle consists of a specialisation in one of the following ten major fields :

  • Audit and Management Control,
  • Corporate Finance,
  • Financial Markets,
  • Strategic Marketing,
  • Operational Marketing,
  • Communication,
  • Human Resources,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • International Management,
  • Sustainable Development.

This cycle prepares students for their professional integration into the company. It includes a pre-employment internship and the defense of a research paper.

The school recruits students from Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles de Commerce (CPGE) by competitive examination, but also on the basis of qualifications in the 1st or 2nd year for students with a BTS, DUT, L2, Special Mathematics, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Discover our quality business training for employees. Business training is not just a vital part of an organisation, it’s a must for the development of skills that improve the success rate of any small or multinational business!



At INSEEC university we take pride in the International aspect of our programs.The INSEEC is a private higher education and research institute with facilities all over the globe. We welcome students from all parts of the world at our 5 campuses in France that are renowned to be among the best in the country and even Europe thanks to the use of the best equipped locations and technology. Not only is our school enriching the scholar and professional life of our students but it is also contributing to the reputation and radiation of Paris as a metropolis. INSEEC is more than a haven for higher education, it represents the best of the best in research and innovation.

BBA INSEEC is one of the 16 schools of Omnes Education., the leading French private higher education group. The state-approved “Marketing, Finance and International Business Manager” diploma offers a generalist 4-year post-baccalaureate course based on the English model.

Through its multidisciplinary teaching systems and its innovative and interactive pedagogy, the school trains future operational managers with international profiles, capable of adapting to a constantly changing professional world and of meeting the major challenges of tomorrow.



International companies are at the heart of INSEEC’s graduate and master programmes. The work-study contract is a major feature of INSEEC MSc & MBA studies, providing a genuine immersion in the company and a launch pad for obtaining a degree and a great first job. It allows students and alumni to put their theoretical knowledge into practice while working for our partners, to prove and improve their skills together with the professionals that offer these opportunities. This contract can be of different kinds: internship, professionalisation or apprenticeship.



We accompany future students when they are taking a big step in life through their search for academic excellence. Our university takes pride in diversity and competition. Higher education is not just about studying a course or getting a diploma. It’s a course on how to go through evolution in all parts of life. This constructive experience is something you will carry with you all through your personal development. In life the achievement of ones objectives are something of a booster for their character and overall skills. That’s why we stimulate our future students to use all of the services that we offer them to make their time at our schools more fulfilling and positive.

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Our 40-year group has proven its expertise to companies & public administrations by teaching management, engineering, communication, digital or political sciences. Omnes Education. educates, Innovates and Inspires. Our different schools get United around common values and projects.




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INSEEC U. is a private multidisciplinary higher education and research institution located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambéry. With campuses in London, Monaco, Geneva, San Francisco and Shanghai, INSEEC U. occupies a unique place in the French educational landscape.
16 Schools
28,000 Students
345 Faculty Members
9 Campuses in France and Abroad
115 Specializations
creation, digital world and design
Political science
and international relations
Luxury, real estate, sport,
wine & spirits, digital world
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