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Master in finance

Is the world of finance the perfect match for you?

Strong financial professionals with an extensive background in analytical and practical decision-making are increasingly sought after by many multinationals and financial institutions such as banks, investment funds, pension funds, insurance institutions and investment agencies. Do you have a background in or a strong interest in finance or economics? Do you want to be optimally prepared for a career in the financial sector? During this programme, you will acquire a business-oriented attitude combined with the necessary knowledge and analytical and practical skills needed to make management decisions. Immerse yourself in the aspects of financial management, investment and risk management of national and international companies – the ideal preparation for a career opportunity at the top of the financial world.


Why do a master in finance?

Most graduates hired by investment banks usually have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree from a top school, which has taught them fundamental concepts in mathematics, accounting and economics. However, they still lack an in-depth knowledge of financial markets, asset valuation and corporate finance. Hence the interest in taking a Master in Finance. The financial professional is always learning. It is a world in perpetual evolution. It is important that a person working in management and accounting is aware of the current market and its evolutions (products, technologies, legislations etc.). Generally, companies pay for training for financiers to keep them up to date with the current market. Even entry jobs in finance, accounting and management are known to be very well paid. Depending on your specialty, your salary may be significantly higher than in other careers. A position of high responsibility in a financially healthy company will ensure a very comfortable total remuneration and allow you to apply for management positions.


Finance master’s degree at INSEEC

The MSC courses in Finance at INSEEC, the leading french business school and management school with a 5-year degree, are part of the school’s 8 training courses, which also include courses in Digital, Luxury & Wine, Management & Business Development, Marketing, Communication, Management, Health & HR and Sport.

The Master of Science 1 courses in finance, law, taxation and wealth management are taught at the INSEEC campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry. Students choose between a range of three tracks: banking finance, corporate finance or real estate management. In each of these streams, they follow courses based on the fundamentals, which are essential to confirm and update certain notions and have an overview of their abilities, but also to put all students on the same level. Each programme has specialized courses.

The 2nd year MSc programmes are offered at the INSEEC campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry and London. These Masters of Science programmes prepare our students for careers in finance, management control, management of financial establishments and the stock market. Thus, our students acquire solid skills in finance, taxation, law and wealth management while maintaining an international dimension. The case studies and the obligation to carry out a long-term internship or a work-study programme in major companies in the fields of finance, banking, insurance, asset management and risk management, will enable students to gain solid experience that will make them accomplished professionals. The university also offers scholarships and multiple programs are in place to help with tuition fees.


Practical information

The master’s degree in finance offers both theoretical and professional courses. Finance is a very complex discipline that requires the intersection of many fields such as law, management, taxation, etc.

The first year is devoted to the acquisition of common knowledge, while the second year specializes more in the students. During two years, the courses can be related to all compartments of the financial world.

During the two years of the Master’s programme, students complete a minimum 6-month internship to acquire a certain know-how. Finance masters courses will require you to write a dissertation, either on the internship you have completed or on a specific topic of your choice. This exercise aims to provide you with expertise in a specific field. You can enter the first year of a Master’s programme when you have a baccalaureate or equivalent. However, for some Masters, admission is very selective. The requirements to file an application for a Master’s in Finance are that you will have to submit your academic file, a cover letter, and you will have to do a motivation interview in front of a jury.

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