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Master in international business


Successful business policies increasingly depend on the global market requirements that go through constant evolution. This specialisation deals with a range of specific issues that companies face in a globalising economy. You will gain insight into how international markets operate, with special attention to international trade and investment, international marketing, HRM, finance, taxation and port economy, but also to the role and impact of cultural, ethical, political and legal differences in a global world market.



The international playing field is where all the big deals take place, and these opportunities are not to be missed. This programme can teach students the skills and knowledge they need to skillfully and successfully manoeuvre through this complicated world. Business school courses such as marketing management and business ethics will train them in the ways of strategies and communication.

The benefits that can be gained from these programmes are numerous. Students will gain great analytical skills that will allow them to assess a situation quickly and stimulate innovative projects. They will also gain a broader perspective by looking at things on a global scale while embracing good practices. The cost of entry fee for getting your Master’s at Omnes Education. all depends on the programme you choose to go into. There is a variety to choose from, helping to ensure that there is an option for every budget.



There are several careers students can aim their degrees towards. This includes things like :

  • international trade management,
  • internal logistics,
  • supply chain management,
  • consulting, and more.

After completing this course, you should be prepared to deal with most types of business landscapes. These skills can be useful in a number of busy business environments and can lead to becoming a key player in the world of international trade. There are many skills to be acquired to work in the sector. First of all, it is essential to master at least one foreign language, mainly English. Indeed, whether you work in international trade, consulting or distribution, you will inevitably be in contact with people working abroad. A student can learn the language throughout your studies via a training course or by spending time abroad in immersion. It is also very important to have a very good relevant knowledge of the different international markets and the cultural specificities of each country.



The aim of the “International Business” specialisation at INSEEC university is to train graduates who are comfortable with foreign languages to develop an international profile.

We offer a bachelor course of international trade as well as a master in international business management. In a globalising economy, international trade is no longer limited to simple economic exchanges. Beyond purely commercial considerations, commercial executives are increasingly confronted with notions of culture, environment, geopolitics and strategy. The objective of this programme is to train future managers to be able to evolve and succeed in the complex and dynamic world of international trade. It enables students to prepare for qualification for an international career as import-export managers, sales engineers, sales managers, marketing managers, sales executives, product managers, etc.

As a highly ranked international graduate school Omnes Education. London is part of France’s largest higher education group Omnes Education. offering top level programmes in management, communication, luxury, political science and the arts. All our school programmes are highly internationalised and delivered by lecturers and professionals with a focus on the global dimensions of business and contemporary geopolitical issues. Omnes Education. London is ideally based in the heart of Marylebone Village, between Regent’s and Hyde Parks. Being located in central London allows us to provide our students with the best exposure to the city of London, the English language and its impressive cultural and business resources. Entry for future students into our masters courses starts with applying. Starting an application to the programme of your choice is easy as long as you take into account the requirements. This is the essential first step of your journey to bigger and better things. Search for your programme below and contact the admissions office of our school directly by completing our application form that can be found on our website. Once you have applied you will be invited for an interview.

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