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From a human resources standpoint business training programs are in the current modern market considered a basic and necessary part of the success of their business strategy for many organizations and structures. In the commercial world it is a given that the competitive advantage of a company is very connected to the talent of its employees as a team. All talents that make up the building stones of the company need to be constantly nurtured through different types of business training programs – such as business management courses, project management training, leadership courses or marketing classes, to name just a few courses available at our campuses.

Business training programs will allow a structure to realign and refresh its workforce’s skills and are a powerful tool for motivating and vitalising overall staff morale. If organised well and planned correctly, business training programs can also act as an effective tool for continual executive development, eventually delivering specific measurable results to a business’ bottom line.

While many organizations have this type of development program integrated in their everyday structure, they need to take into account the fact that corporate training can take a significant part of their time to put together, plan and execute smoothly. There always tends to be different training requirements depending on the business unit, work group or the functional department. Therefore, support from educational experts that boast a historical experience in establishing business training programs is more often than not necessary in order to ensure that professional training programs that are cost-efficient and profitable on the long term are put in place, with the appropriate support of the company’s training manager and the hosting training structure.



Training provides employees with numerous benefits. It enables them to develop new skills, to advance to a desired position within the company or to initiate a career change. Training enables workers to improve their skills and leadership capacities. Often a good performance in training programs leads to success, either small or big, and even potentially helps them to secure a promotion in the future.

Another great advantage is that it makes their case more credible when they wish to negotiate and achieve higher wages with their current employer. Changing their career is off course a plausible option as training programs activates them to enlarge their all round skills and acquire new ones.

They will be able to sell themselves better on the job market thanks to the fact that they will be obtaining certificates that formalise their experience. A training process allows the employer to offer qualified positions to people they already know, have common goals with, have worked with and therefore trust. As a result, training and recruitment can both be carried out internally, with the knowledge that it will lead up to creating a healthy, long and productive relationship between employee and (future) employer.



Our higher education institution offers courses in Management, Business, Engineering Sciences, Technology, Finance, Marketing, Wine & spirits, Communication & Digital and Political Sciences. INSEEC offers a wide range of training programs at different colleges where employees can perfect their skills or learn new ones. From health safety to business management. Here you can retrain your workforce while they keep working, as well as acquire a new skill set during the training sessions and to arm oneself with a new diploma to evolve professionally: this is the opportunity offered by the various Sup Career Executive programmes to all those who are already integrated into the working world and train an individual or a team at one of our top-notch facilities. The Evening Courses have existed since 2010 at Sup Career and are attended by adults who have decided to take their future into their own hands and find suitable training. They are in line with the spirit of the reform initiated by the law “Freedom to choose one’s professional future” in application since September 5, 2019 and can be financed by CPF points. The CPF allows you to accumulate rights under the Personal Training Account. These hours can be used to finance a professional project. Visit www.moncompteactivite.gouv.

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