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When are business school applications due ?


  1. Prepare for the business school applications due
  2. How an INSEEC admissions round works

The INSEEC-U business school is considered nationally and internationally as a competitive university. This means that admissions to any of its academic programs are subject to selection on the basis of intake and essays. In addition, the competitive aspect is reflected in the organization of business school competitions.

1. Prepare for the business school applications due

The application process consists of three steps. First, the applicant must apply online during a round for the September/October or the February/March start date. The applicant must submit a completed application with all required documents. The requirements for an MBA or Master’s program include a language certificate, such as the GMAT. This will be required for internationals, in order to verify their ability to take courses in English at the same level as other students. The complete content of the documents to be provided is listed on our website.

Applicants who wish to apply to INSEEC-U should visit the dedicated page on our website and follow the steps. Submitting an application must be done within applications round and within the deadlines. These deadlines may vary from campus to campus, so check in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on admission.

2. How an INSEEC admissions round works

Once the application is submitted, the admissions jury has a deadline of 10 days to make an initial decision on the student’s eligibility. If this decision is favorable, the candidate will be invited to an interview in which he or she will develop his or her profile. In addition to the oral interview, graduates will have to pass written exams within the deadlines of their admissions round. The jury, which is the judge, after the interview and according to the results of the exams of the candidates, makes a final decision. The selected students will be able to study at INSEEC as of the next school year. If the jury’s decision is unfavorable, students may reapply for another round. To reapply to an INSEEC-U class and pass the entrance exam, we recommend that you take advantage of the deadlines between the two sessions to prepare.

It is sometimes possible to apply after the end of the current round deadlines if places are still available.

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