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How do I choose the right business school?


  1. Guide to choosing the right business school
  2. Preparing to graduate from INSEEC-U Business School

Choosing a business school is not only about the programs it offers, but also about its reputation. With an international reach, INSEEC-U’s programs rank among the best in Europe and train nearly 30,000 students each year for the professions of tomorrow.

1. Guide to choosing the right business school

The success of your career goals will of course depend on your own determination, but visiting with graduate students and alumni is about making long-term professional connections and being offered job opportunities. Students who have attended INSEEC-U’s business school become part of our extensive alumni network. They meet regularly to share their advice and their own life experience with current students. Our former international students enrich this network with their contacts around the world. Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals in business world, industry and finance by providing you with the qualities of a great leader.

Before making a decision, compare the different study options available to you. This includes the academic programs of the various universities and their location.

2. Preparing to graduate from INSEEC-U Business School

University education at INSEEC-U school offers a dual curriculum focused on theory and practice. Classes are taught by expert professors in management sciences, they teach our students the longer term skills that will always be useful in their career. At the same time, INSEEC-U encourages its students to apply this knowledge in the field, since in INSEEC-U’s business school, your professional experience begins with the preparation of your degree. The internships and work-study contracts offered by our school represent opportunities for a future career in the public services or in the financial sector. These partnerships between large companies and INSEEC-U, allow our students to have priority on internship offers in France and abroad. Once they graduate, they are often offered a position within the same companies that trained them.

International students applying to business schools in France must go through the Campus France platform. This will indicate the steps to follow and the documents required to study in France.

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