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When do business school applications open ?


  1. Dates when business school applications open
  2. Put all the chances on your side

Each INSEEC-U application is subject to a deadline and an eligibility decision. This is done in a round that will be open twice a year. This double application’s round in September/October and February/March is an additional application opportunity. The application timeline may differ from one campus to another.

1. Dates when business school applications open

Submitting your application to study in INSEEC-U’s college involves several steps that take place both online and in person. The business school application process is specific and does not require you to go through Parcours Sup.

It is sometimes possible for a student to apply after the deadlines have passed. This is because the admissions round is still open if space is available before or shortly after the start of the school year. Apply during the round to ensure that you complete all steps of the application process in the allotted time. Once you have completed your application to our degree program, you have deadlines of 14-day to withdraw it. Once we receive your application, you will enter the admissions round. Several factors are taken into account for an applicant’s eligibility to attend our university. The admissions committee will carefully review your application, provided it is submitted by the deadlines.

2. Put all the chances on your side

Several documents must be included with your online application such as letters of recommendation from your professors or a professional contact. The complete list is listed directly at the time you apply and can be easily found on our website. Visit each associated post in our dedicated Q&A.

As an international’s applicant, you can support your application by submitting your score on an English test such as the GMAT. The GMAT is especially valuable when you plan to enroll in an MBA class. The jury makes its first decision within 10-day deadlines. If the applicant’s eligible, he/she will be called for an interview in which he/she will be able to present his/her motivations and strong sides. In addition to this interview, you will be subjected to application essays. The purpose of these essays is to admit your ability to follow the program for which you are applying. The process ends with a final decision on whether or not you will be admitted.

Submit your application to one of our degrees during the current admissions round.

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