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How long does it take to finish a business school ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. The time it takes to finish a business school
  2. Applying for a future degree at INSEEC-U

An undergraduate may choose to pursue longer degrees in business school. At the graduate level, he/she can apply to a range of Master’s degrees, which extend his/her studies by one or two years into a Master’s degree in Finance, Business or Management.

1. The time it takes to finish a business school

A student who enrolls in an INSEEC-U business school knows that he or she will find a degree program. These courses will allow him/her to enter the job market gaining a first professional experience and solid knowledge. Choosing to complete a longer university program and obtain additional degrees is generally appreciated by recruiters and is beneficial to the future career of graduates.

Each student at INSEEC-U has the opportunity to enter our accelerated one-year programs and prepare for degrees such as the Master of Business Administration in the fields of Economics, Finance, Marketing, Digital, Luxury, Spirits, Sport and CSR. These short courses are aimed at graduates who wish to gain skills in their field in order to qualify for more important posts or to renegotiate their salary. INSEEC-U’s business school is partnered with major companies, which offers students the opportunity to complete their university coursework with internships. The experience earned in the field complements the graduate program for the future career of our students.

2. Applying for a future degree at INSEEC-U

The degrees prepared at INSEEC-U business school train executives who master management skills as much as they understand the financial stakes of a company or the problems of accounting. The goal is to provide the future graduate with all the resources he or she needs to judge a situation from different perspectives. A student who prepares his/her graduate degree in our business schools not only follows the program but also has access to different types of resources that complement his/her education. Thus, the teachings of a business program or a management program are applied to the evolution of society through Master Classes. Facilitated by top experts in the business world, these classes teach our college students to consider every option before making decisions.

Access to the business school entrance exam requires, at a minimum level, having completed high school.

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