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What do you learn in business school ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. The useful knowledge you learn in business school
  2. Professional skills development with INSEEC

INSEEC-U’s school of management and business offers its students short courses as well as MBAs with a wide range of programs that include Finance, Marketing, Economics, Politics or Digital. Our graduates of business school develop their entrepreneurship through studies that encourage them to lead a project.

1. The useful knowledge you learn in business school

Undergraduate business university students prepare a Bachelor’s degree that lays the foundation for further study in a Master’s degree in Business Administration or any other Master’s degree offered by INSEEC-U. An undergraduate student finishes his/her study with the level to qualify for a first interesting job and start his/her professional life quickly.

Master’s students at INSEEC-U acquire comprehensive project management knowledge. Our goal is to help them develop their courses skills by applying them in the field. Our graduates quickly gain real-world experience through internships and work-study programs offered by our partners in France and around the world. These first steps into the professional world are opportunities to discover positions for their future career.

2. Professional skills development with INSEEC

Our programs are adapted to the needs of our students and are offered in continuing education, work-studies or apprenticeships. The MBA can be an online program and can be completed in one or two years.

The preparation of a degree at INSEEC-U integrates a global vision of the functioning of a company. Our MBA students are confronted with real-world team management problems, understand how accounting works, and know how to measure financial challenges. We teach how to apply this knowledge to the real world of work. Through Master Classes led by top management and business world experts, our university allows students to put their degree programs into a global business context. These interventions teach them to adopt the management strategies best suited to the economic and social context.

INSEEC-U’s education aims to produce graduates with sharp critical thinking skills that will enable them to make the right decision for their team and their company.

Business school studies require personal investment and focus from students if they are to achieve their career goals.

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