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Is business school worth it ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. Why business school worth it 
  2. Beyond a degree, skills for life

A real business education from one of the best universities in Europe, such as INSEEC, benefits your career’s path. With a multitude of professionalizing degrees, business school teaches you theory while encouraging practice. For MBA students, taking courses requires both a financial and personal investment.

1. Why is business school worth it

The student who prepares a degree in an INSEEC-U business school is destined for a greater future.

INSEEC-U’s degrees train executives in business, finance or management through extensive MBA’s programs. INSEEC’s partnership plans make it possible to follow the Master in Business Administration in a work-study contract or internship. Thanks to this network of professionals, your theoretical skills will be enriched by professional experience.

Don’t be discouraged from applying to business school because you don’t think you can afford the tuition fees. To ease the costs of your study and allow you to focus solely on the programs, many financing options are available. Between scholarships issued by the State, financing from companies that take you on work-study programs and pay you a salary, as well as student loans negotiated by INSEEC, the fees will be a mere formality.

2. Beyond a degree, skills for life

An entrepreneurial, inquisitive and demanding mindset is required to apply the skills learned in class to job hunting and launching one’s career in the real world. Having a business school degree means earning a higher level of employability.

INSEEC-U’s business school degrees prepare students for effective and inspiring leadership. Our graduates apply the knowledge they have gained in the courses with confidence. Their employers recognize these leadership skills when hiring, trusting the team management abilities of our former students.

But earning an MBA degree is not the whole point of attending a business school for higher education. Our students have access to an alumni network of more than 24,000 former students who now hold key positions in finance, politics and industries around the world. This professional network has already increased the career opportunities for many of our graduates.

Learn more about our schools and the specificities of business school studies and apply online via the Campus France platform.

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