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How hard is business school ?

Summary/Contents : 

  1. How hard is business school and why
  2. The benefits of competitive teaching

During their career, students will be subjected to pressures and crisis management and must know exactly how to react. To prepare them, INSEEC-U projects graduates into similar situations. In a world of constant social change, having a degree that understands these issues is a real asset to your career

1. How hard is business school and why

A business and management school such as INSEEC produces the most competent executives on a national and international level. 

The practice classes complement the theoretical courses of an MBA graduate. Their objective is to develop the student’s entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging them to create a business plan for their company. Subjected to strict deadlines and briefings, students experience corporate life at a higher level.  

INSEEC business school graduates explore the different services that make up the skeleton of a company and the challenges of each one during their study. The business degree education requires versatility on the part of the students who must know how accounting works, project the financial evolution of the company depending on the economic situation, or even understand the risks in international business.

2. The benefits of competitive teaching

MBA and MsC students will have the opportunity to apply their skills to the business world by participating in various business school competitions

Competitions are an integral part of the MBA program. While not mandatory, the challenges they provide allow business school students to distinguish themselves and earn points with both the team of professors and their potential future employers. These events provide important networking opportunities with industry, technology and finance professionals. For some students in INSEEC’s degree program, the competitions represent real career prospects and sometimes matter more than their grades in the academic program. And for good reason, your success in business school competitions will inevitably be discussed at the term of a job interview and will certainly help you land jobs. Students who commit to a competitive university such as INSEEC are taking a first step towards a full success of their career path.

Studying business is a thing that involves a lot of time, energy and determination. 

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