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What to know about business school ?

Summary/Contents : 

  1. The things you need to know about business school
  2. Studies in business school

The business school is an institution of higher education that provides specialized courses in management. INSEEC-U is a private business school with an international focus and campuses in 6 countries around the world

A business school trains executives with project management skills through degrees from Bachelor to Doctorate in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Politics or Digital.

1. The things you need to know about business school

Each of our students benefits from a specialized education, such as an MBA degree in Political Science or a Master‘s in International Business that teaches them to anticipate risks and problems. The MBA business school program is focused on developing the graduate‘s leadership and entrepreneurial project spirit. Every resource is put to work for their future career. This program teaches how a business operates at every level right down to understanding things like accounting.

INSEEC-U’s professors are researchers who contribute to the evolution of scientific knowledge in business and management. In addition to this team of professionals, our students benefit from the experience of speakers from the business world. These business leaders and other influencers highlight business through various other disciplines during Master Classes.

2. Studies in business school

Considered as a competitive school, INSEEC University offers its MBA and MsC students the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired in class into practice through business school challenges and competitions. 

In addition to their academics, students preparing a business school degree are encouraged to begin their professional career through internships, work-study programs or apprenticeships. By exploring the world of work during their studies, they are better able to define their career paths at the term of their degree program. Preparing a business and management degree at INSEEC-U also gives you access to a vast network of alumni. The cultivation and animation of an alumni network is a specificity of business schools. This active network of more than 24,000 former students is particularly useful for finding a job.

The knowledge gained by business school students will serve them for life.

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