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FAQ – International Students

You can find out more about all our programs & tuition fees on our website:

Program fees* examples:

  • Bachelor : 7500€ – 9500€
  • MSc 1 English or French program : 9500€ – 10500€
  • MSc 1 English or French program : 10500€ – 11500€

*Program fees depend on  the chosen Bachelor or Master

The accepted proofs of French proficiency for programs taught in French for international students are:

  • DALF: C1
  • DELF: B2
  • TCF: B2, C1
  • INSEEC U.’s French Entry Interview

The accepted proofs of English proficiency for any INSEEC U. programs are:

  • TOEFL (IBT minimum 79; PBT minimum 550; CBT minimum 213)
  • TOEIC (minimum 785)
  • IELTS (minimum 6.0)
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency or Cambridge Advanced Level (score A, B or C)
  • INSEEC U.’s English Entry Interview

Applications are to be made on our online platform:

After receiving your application, we will contact you within around two weeks for an admission interview.

International students are selected based on their applications and their motivation interviews.

Documents required for an application:

  • Application form
  • Photocopy of passport or ID
  • CV
  • A letter of recommendation from one of your professors and/or employers who has/have observed your performance in an academic and/or a professional context
  • Letters of recommendation not written in English must be officially translated
  • University transcript(s) and diploma(s), with official translation when necessary
  • Diploma
  • Proof* of English and/or French proficiency depending on the language of the program selected (or test interview with our Admissions Office)
  • Certificate of the ongoing year if you are currently enrolled in a School or University

To find out more about all our admissions requirements, please check the following link:

International students wishing to follow a block release training program must have been living in France/the EU for more than one year.

If this is not the case for you, you can start your Bachelor’s or Master’s studies through the classical pathway and begin your sandwich course (‘alternance’) the following year.

First we need to check if your application is complete and meets our requirements.

If so, you will be contacted by email within two weeks or so in order to plan your motivation interview.

In order to facilitate the processing of your application file, please do not email us the requested documents but upload them through the following link:

Unfortunately we do not offer scholarships, however you will be able to pay in instalments if you wish (except for the deposit).

French public institutes and the Erasmus+ program offer a large number of scholarships for foreign students to help them finance their studies in France and in Europe. Please check here

Except for the deposit, which is required after admission to finalize the registration and which is compulsory for student visa purposes, the rest of the tuition fees can be paid by instalments.

The list below is not intended to be comprehensive. It is a list of fees compiled from various student experiences. Students of all nationalities may be eligible for the French government housing subsidy (which typically ranges from €100 to €200 per month): CAF

  • Net rental : 650€
  • Transportation : 25€
  • Food : 200€
  • Miscelaneous (insurance, council tax, clothing…) : 100€
  • Leisure : 100€
  • Mobile : start at 5€
  • Total expenses : 1080€

The type of visa you may need depends on the length of your program:

Students arriving for a short program (less than 90 days) should apply for a short-stay visa valid for the Schengen area. Nationals of many countries will not require a visa for a short-stay program: please verify with Campus France.

Students of all nationalities wishing to study in France for more than 90 days need a long-stay student visa with a residence permit (VLS-TS). The VLS-TS visa is generally delivered for one year and is renewable in France at the end of that period if the student is enrolled in full-time education in France. Depending on your nationality, the VLS-TS visa will either be applied for via the local embassy/consulate or, in the 31 countries where there is a Campus France office, it will then be issued by Campus France through the CEF procedure.

Once you have paid the deposit and obtained your letter of enrollment for fall 2020/21:

  • If you are from one of the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, South Korea, Ivory Coast,  the USA, Gabon, Guinea, India, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Russia, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, you will have to register with your local Campus France office to apply for a student visa. It will take approximately 2 months to obtain your visa.

  • If you are not from a country in the above list, you should contact the French embassy in your country. Please note that citizens of the European Economic Area, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino or the Vatican do not need a visa.

Non-EU students who require a visa can check the following links:

If you are applying for our London campus: 

  • You must apply for a short-term study visa.
  • With this type of visa, you may stay in the UK for 6 or 11 months to study at INSEEC U. London. It costs £97 for a 6-month visa and £186 for an 11-month visa.
  • INSEEC U. London is NOT a sponsor for the Tier 4 Visa.

All the relevant information will be emailed to you directly by the School in which you are going to study after your registration.

Studapartis INSEEC U.’s partner for housing. You can sign up with your personal email address:

For all students who are going to live in Paris, we also recommend the following agencies:

For all other cities, please contact us and we will provide you with the email address of a colleague of the relevant campus.

You must register for the French social security healthcare insurance –it’s compulsory.  Health insurance is free.

You have to register as soon as you start your course:

To be eligible for the national student health plan, students must be under 28  and must be enrolled in a participating institution of higher education. Students who are 28 or older can obtain a special health insurance called the ‘CMU’.

International admissions InseecU

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