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For any student making this step in their academic career it means a big change. In the first year, the transition to university can take some time getting used to it. Many changes will appear and you will have to obtain a minimum number of credits. You will also be building a new social life. The responsibility lies with you as a student to bring this experience to a happy ending, but the INSEEC is here to help you and assist you in your time at the university. Here you will find information about what it means to even study abroad and the transition from secondary school to university.



A university is not simply a school or a place to obtain degrees. Anyone that wishes to study at such an establishment must realise that studying is also about community. It’s in fact a community where people from different cultures and backgrounds come to stimulate their social, cultural, academic and personal skills. Every institute has their own history and character. Which is connected to the hosting city or region’s local educational values. The greatest universities are the ones that take pride in diversity and exchange and that promote student mobility. Make sure you read some interesting guides about the local life before choosing your establishment of choice. It’s often a fast-paced international environment where many languages can be heard across campus.

When you start studying, you might want to move to a room and look for a job on the side, for example. All information about finding accommodation, costs (tuition fees, books and other costs) and other practical information can be found here.

Since the Orientation and Success of Students Act (ORE) of 2018, universities have been required to set up “pedagogical support systems” for student success. The institutions offer referent teachers, tutoring or even timetable adjustments for employees, high-level athletes or students with disabilities. University restaurants can be found all over our campuses so that learning will not be done on an empty stomach!



Scholars, professors, researchers and students alike can all find what they’re looking for at university. Some of the classical well reputed branches like medicine, psychology, management or languages like English or French are on offer at INSEEC but also more modern courses like digital, communication or sport. The best research facilities are available at all our campuses that are spread across the world on different continents. If you’re a graduate or undergraduate or postgraduate.

Depending on the structure of the study material, you are taught via lectures, tutorials and practicals:

  • During the lectures, the lecturer will explain the subject matter and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. A lecture can take place in a large lecture hall, or with smaller groups in a classroom. You can also find online courses.
  • In a workgroup or tutorial, you practice with the material in smaller groups, under the guidance of a lecturer. For example, you discuss the articles you had to read in preparation, work out the problems, discuss a subject under the guidance of a lecturer or student assistant, study a case or practise a research technique together.

Some programmes also offer practicals. In these, you learn practical skills and carry out tests. In some courses, these are still held under strict safety conditions.

We offer bachelor’s degrees which is the first degree in European higher education and is equivalent to what the French call a bac +3. The master’s degree, on the other hand, gives you a diploma at bac +5 level and is only accessible after a bachelor’s degree or a licence.

Whether you are applying for a bachelor’s or master’s diploma. Studying or researching at one of our facilities is an opportunity that tempts the most ambitious among our society.

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