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French language teaching abroad


Passing on one’s culture and language to fellow students when studying in another country, learning about the culture of your hosts, or helping foreigners that are wishing to one day to move to France. Primary skills are important, but teaching French language abroad is a true international experience. This is the perfect assignment for anyone who is on the move and wants to work abroad. As a French citizen, you have one quality: you speak the French language! This means that you can teach French to non-French speaking foreigners in France or in a neighbouring country. This is a way to discover the world while earning a salary

Teaching French abroad is a human experience that will allow you to travel and meet people. In the long term, being experienced in the teaching field can enforce your curriculum in your search for jobs. Often a good way to get started is to take on an assistant position.



Teaching is not something that you learn in a day’s time: in addition to the personal skills and relational qualities that are a must for maintaining a pedagogical attitude with the student, one must also be able to harness patience and have a listening ear while always showing that they’re an enthusiastic teacher. For teaching French to foreigners, teachers require special skills. Many students choose language teaching as a side job, as it is not uncommon for another foreign student to seek an experienced French tutor for their homework. Indeed, knowing the stages of progress in the learning of the language, the good tips in case the student gets stuck on a notion, can be learned. This is why, above all else, professional skills are essential for French language teaching abroad. Not only do teachers share their French language knowledge but the student can help the teacher with the customs in their region. This is only a small example of how valuable this type of exchange is.

One of the main professional traits you will be asked to have is a professional certification attesting that you have the ability to teach the language of Molière. Whatever your plans are for teaching abroad, it’s always a good idea to go through the DAE FLE, which corresponds to a diploma in “French as a Foreign Language”. This is a primary certification that is a guarantee of quality, issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education. Without this qualification, you will have little chance of teaching abroad in a suitable structure. INSEEC offers you FLE courses on different campuses in France or abroad.



With a network of more than 150 partner university in 41 countries, INSEEC Grande Ecole offers you the opportunity to spend an academic semester in a foreign university. This exchange promotes student mobility and is a real opportunity for personal development and an opening to the world, a real asset for your future professional integration. Our network includes prestigious and world-renowned universities that will enhance and elevate your degree. In order to offer you the most international training possible, we have integrated a compulsory academic semester in one of our partner universities into your Grande Ecole Programme. During your Master’s cycle, in the second semester of your M1, you will leave for a 6-month academic stay. INSEEC Grande Ecole is committed to maintaining a powerful global network that gives opportunities to students to benefit from at least six months of international experience before graduating. During this time studying abroad students can take up the role of French teachers to help local students develop their French language skills. This way they’re able to gain a salary and add a secondary learning process to their life at university.



If you are seeking to apply at one of our top schools you have probably already noticed by now that we’re not just offering one type of international programme. At INSEEC we have many international programs like for example our collaboration with the public initiative Campus France, our summer sessions, A 4-week session to improve your command of the English language while discovering business management practices and the cultural riches of London. Who knows, afterwards you might even be able to teach English in France! Another wonderful European project is the Erasmus + student mobility programme that allows students to have a full cultural experience to enrich their academic career. The aim of the Erasmus+ Charter is to enable young students and staff of the school to undertake a period of study, training or work experience abroad in order to develop their language and professional skills, to promote employability on the national, European and international market and to exchange good practice between institutions. You can contact us for questions on how to apply for these programs and how to obtain a scholarship via our website.

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