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Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers in France. It encourages international mobility, manages scholarship programmes and runs the alumni network.



The Campus France organization is a public institution under the dual supervision of the national Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education in France, Research and Innovation. Its activities are carried out in consultation with higher education institutions such as schools and universities and their representative conferences: the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and the Conference of Directors of French Engineering School system (CDEFI). 

Campus France provides foreign students and researchers with tools so that they can learn more about French higher education institutions or colleges and find the right destinations for their project. This is aimed at students typing as international globetrotters wishing to obtain their degree or perfecting their French language skills.

Campus France also supports higher education institutions based in France and research organisations in their international development strategy. The range of courses offered by French institutions is highlighted by several Campus France tools and actions:

  • on its website with the Diplomas, Fields, Institutions or Home pages;
  • online catalogues listing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree, and courses offered in English in France;
  • during events organised in France and abroad in collaboration with the Campus France centres abroad;
  • through the integration within the institutions of scholarship students financed by the French government or through agreements signed with foreign governments or other entities (companies, foundations, etc.).



Campus France helps to promote the global mobility of foreign students and researchers to France. In this capacity, the agency implements numerous scholarship programmes, from the publication of calls for applications to the reception of programme beneficiaries in France. One of the missions of Campus France is to provide assistance and expertise to French students wishing to study in a foreign country. The agency promotes the Erasmus program in France. French higher education institutions are encouraged to form partnerships with EU institutions so that their students can receive funding and do part of their studies in another European country.

Campus France is also in charge of managing scholarship programmes for French students such as the programme for Arabic-speaking students and the College of Europe admission programme to help with tuition fees. Many studies on outgoing mobility are also published by Campus France to help French students choose their destination for their bachelor or masters degree.



The Omnes Education takes its name from a school that was founded in Bordeaux in 1975 and began operating in Paris eight years later.

Today the INSEEC Group operates in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry-French Alps (close to Grenoble metropole), Geneva, London and Chicago, the International University of Monaco (IUM), whose prestigious degrees include an Full-time and Online accredited Executive MBA, merged with Omnes Education. In 2010. ESCE, EBS, ECE (engineering), IFG join Inseec group in 2016. Its educational approach incorporates the practices of traditional business school and even offers health establishment management or digital technology courses, while also borrowing from the breadth of France’s schools of politics and policy, in the value of the well-rounded individual. INSEEC’s principal diploma is accredited by the French government and is the equivalent of a European master. INSEEC is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The public organisation Campus France manages all applications from students living abroad who wish to study in France at our higher education institution. As a foreign student from selected countries you must go through the Campus France branch in your country to start the consular and through application procedure as a student that wishes to pursue international studies at INSEEC. Make sure to respect the local entry requirements before you apply. A visa is required for students from certain countries.

With a network of more than 150 united partner universities in 41 countries, INSEEC Grande Ecole offers you the opportunity to spend an academic semester in a foreign university on the path to graduation. This exchange is a real opportunity for personal development and an opening to the world, a real asset for your future professional integration. Our network includes prestigious and world-renowned universities that will enhance your degree of hireability and launch your international careers!

It’s not always easy to spend time apart from your family. At INSEEC we understand this and help our guests thanks to our student mobility programme. Students from partner universities also come to INSEEC and are an integral part of the school’s student body. You will have the opportunity to welcome them and share extraordinary experiences with them on your campus.

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