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  • 2 years
    • Paris
    • Bordeaux
    • Lyon
    • Chambéry
  • Marketing
  • Intake : Spring intake
  • Language : English
  • Price per year : 10850€

M1 - International marketing 100% anglais



  • City : Paris Bordeaux Lyon Chambéry
  • Intake : Spring intake
  • Language : English
  • Price per year : 10850€


INSEEC MSc&MBA are a 1 or 2 years program, post BAC+3/+4, of INSEEC, a private management school. Created over 20 years ago, The MSc & MBA are provided on the Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry and London campuses.

The MSc & MBA programs are certified by FRANCE COMPÉTENCES. All of our MSc and MBA 2 programs deliver a professional title of level 7 (EU) registered with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles).



The MSc International Marketing is designed to offer students insights into different areas of marketing management, including strategic management, branding, digital communication, and market research. It is dedicated to students with an international marketing background who want to improve their marketing skills and knowledge of the global environment. Students will be eligible for positions such as Global Product Manager, and International Brand Manager. Seminars are led by professionals and are supplemented by actual case studies from leading companies across all sectors.



  • Responsable de la communication
  • Gestion des grands comptes
  • Responsable de la marque internationale
  • Responsable Clientèle
  • Catégorie
  • Commercialisation
  • Chef de produit global
  • Gestionnaire de contenu


Understanding various nuances of International Marketing has become highly significant in today’s interconnected world where everything is accelerating at a fast pace. We have structured this MSc 1 to develop skills and knowledge in the field of Marketing as well as to help participants discover and express their inner desire in specific professional areas. Special attention is given to help students in the program comprehend the relevance of clear communication, cultural understanding and customer relations to strengthening marketing performance. We are offering this program in full English to help students’ master key terminologies and business skills to work in a globalized world. One of the main highlights of this program are the teachers who contribute to the value addition of various specializations offered and who come from different cultural backgrounds and professional fields.

Chacko Philip Program Coordinator Lyon

These ongoing changes are committing companies to stand out by recruiting agile talents and marketing specialists who will understand the new challenges of customer relationships and help them find new sources of growth in an international business environment. The MSc1 International Marketing is a program specifically designed to offer future talents a strong international marketing background. This program is highly focused on the different marketing scopes such as international marketing, mix marketing, strategic marketing, etc. The program is dedicated to an international audience who has a good command of English and strong motivations to embrace a marketing career in an international business environment.

Fabien Fournillon Program Director Paris

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