Program Objectives

A prestigious specialization in brand strategy

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This program delivers, under authority of the MSc & MBA -INSEEC Bordeaux- , a title of Trade and Marketing Manager, certified level I by the CNCP.

At a glance

Program operated by


Initial training


Full English

in Berlin

Intakes in September and March

Accessible after a 4-year post-secondary degree

months of internship

Main courses in Berlin

  • Management Theory
  • Corporate Governance
  • Medias Economics
  • Medias Laws
  • Communication Psychology
  • Strategic Models (Competition)
  • Strategic Processes in Practice
  • Interdisciplinary Project

Internship (6 months)

Program Structure

This MBA Advertising & Brand Strategy allows students to alternate business studies with professional experience:

Intake in September:

From October to February: courses in Berlin

Students follow a 5-month period of courses in Berlin (full-time courses). In February, they pass final exams and perform a competition (defense in Paris).

From March to August: Internship

Students complete a full-time paid professional internship of 6 months, in France or abroad.

September: Defense

Students defend their professional project or their thesis

Intake in March:

From March to August: courses

Students follow a 5-month semester of academic coursework.

From September to February: internship

Students complete a full-time professional internship of 6 months, in France or aborad.

February: Defense of the professional project