Program Objectives

The student at the heart of pedagogy

Our teaching method combines the mastery of basics, experience of the business world and a real support to the students.
By following our business school program, based on a common core of education, students can test many areas before choosing a specialization in the final year to prepare a specific profession.

This 3-year program is organized around six teaching units:

  • Culture & Geopolitics

  • Administration & Finance

  • Marketing, Sales and Communication

  • Strategy & Management

  • Languages & Methods

  • Business Culture & Projects

In the first year, students acquire a general representation of the company, who it operates, and the global and intercultural environment in which the company operates.
In the second year, they complete their knowledge in administration, marketing, management and languages and learn to use it in a professional context. The third year is a deepening cycle that allows them to start a specialization according to their own professional project.

At a glance

Program operated by


Initial training


in French/English

in Paris (business session in London & San Francisco)

Intakes in September & February

Accessible after a high-school degree

2nd year accessible after a 1-year post-secondary degree

3rd year accessible after a 2-year post-secondary degree

months of internship (minimum)
Core Courses

Culture and Geopolitics

  • Geopolitics (in English)
  • Economies et Entreprises 1
  • Economies et Entreprises 2
  • Approches du droit
  • Foreign Markets (in English)
  • Introduction au droit commercial
  • Revue de presse et analyse de l’actualité internationale
  • Cross-Cultural Communication (in English)

Administration and Finance

  • Comptabilité générale
  • Statistiques et probabilités
  • Comptabilité analytique
  • Gestion budgétaire
  • Analyse financière
  • Fiscalité
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Management et organisation des ressources humaines
  • International Business Ethics (in English)
  • Droit des marques et du web
  • Droit social et droit du travail
  • Strategic Management (in English)

Marketing, Sales and Communication

  • Principes du Marketing
  • Comportement du consommateur
  • Méthodes et techniques commerciales
  • Politique commerciale de l’entreprise
  • Techniques et stratégies de négociation
  • Retailing et merchandising
  • Etudes de marché
  • Data Marketing

Strategy and Management

  • Principes de management
  • Communication en entreprise
  • Organisation et Management
  • Techniques de créativité
  • Gestion de projet
  • Conflict Management in Business (in English)

Languages and Methods

  • Informatique 1
  • Informatique 2
  • LV1 Use of English or Advanced English
  • LV1 Anglais : préparation TOEIC
  • LV2 Spanish, German or Mandarin
  • TOEFL: Introduction to writing English examination essays 1
  • TOEFL: Advanced multi-modal techniques
  • Techniques d’écritures
  • Public Speaking
  • Advanced Public Speaking

Business Culture & Projects

  • Student Projects
  • Show and Tell
  • Challenge Relation Client
  • Prod Box 1
  • Soutenance de stage
  • Etude de cas
  • Innovation Day
  • Be Responsible as a Manager
  • Crisis Night Business Game
  • Working Paper
  • Méthodologie Etude de cas