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Why study in France for an MBA ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. Why it is interesting to study in France for an MBA
  2. The different teaching programs of INSEEC-U

The student who aspires to a successful career in Business, Management, Finance or Marketing will be strongly encouraged to apply and complete an MBA degree. In order to enrich your personal and professional experiences, what better way than to study in another country.

1. Why it is interesting to study in France for an MBA

France is a country known worldwide for its culture but also for the exceptional quality of its higher education system. It is a destination of choice for international students, more than 300,000 of whom come to study in Paris and other major cities in France each year. Tuition fees for universities and schools in France are among the most affordable in Europe. In addition, it is good to know that to study in this country, it is not necessarily required to have a good level of French language.

A student visa is required for an international student whose country of origin is not within the European Union but elsewhere in the world. This visa is easily obtained from the appropriate authorities and requires additional fees. The rest of your application will take place on the Campus France platform which will guide you throughout your admission

2. The different teaching programs of INSEEC-U

INSEEC-U’s large network of business schools and other universities offers a quality education to the talents of tomorrow. With their Grandes Écoles programs, INSEEC-U’s Master’s degrees offer excellent academic courses, such as MBA degrees or Masters in International Business and Business Management. These advanced courses produce the most qualified business professionals for international employment. At one of the top universities in France, you will learn how to understand the financial challenges of a company, how to manage and cost teams, and how to encourage them to develop their company’s business. As a student at our Paris school, you will learn about the management of a city that is home to the headquarters of the world‘s largest companies. Beyond a degree, INSEEC’s universities offer a global experience based on a professionalizing education.

The graduate student of a Master of Business Administration in France is offered numerous job opportunities upon graduation from our schools

For further information :

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