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Where to study in France ?

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  1. Where are the best places to study in France
  2. The great possibilities that are offered with INSEEC-U

On the European continent, France ranks among the best countries in terms of higher education system. Open to the world, it welcomes more than 300,000 international students each year, thanks to its range of courses and its particularly low university fees.

1. Where are the best places to study in France

Between public university and private school, the courses offered in France and the degrees to be prepared cover a very large academic field. Don’t worry about language, many major institutions now offer to study their main courses entirely in English and graduate in France without necessarily speaking French. 

Among the most popular cities in Europe for international students, Paris is probably the most famous. While it offers unforgettable experiences for students who have studied there, it also costs more than other cities in France. Living in Paris for the duration of your studies in France requires planning for sufficient funds and finding your accommodation before you arrive. For an international student, the application to study in a university in Paris or in other campuses in France must be made through Campus France

2. The great possibilities that are offered with INSEEC-U

The role of this organization is to promote French culture and higher education around the world. Encouraging international students to come and discover the extent of what France has to offer. In order to study in France, some students will need student visas. A visa is not required for European Union citizens.

No matter which school or university you apply to, Campus France will guide you through the process, including admissions management

INSEEC-U’s Grandes Écoles program trains students to a Master degree in the field of Business, Finance, Management or Political sciences, promising them brilliant careers around the world. With a campus in Paris and a campus in Lyon, in addition to Bordeaux and Chambéry, INSEEC’s university has established itself in France‘s main cities for art and culture. Each campus is housed in historic buildings and features state-of-the-art facilities. Everything is designed so that you can enjoy your student life and study in comfort. To study in these great cities filled with history will leave a life lasting impression on you. 

Campus France will be your main point of contact throughout the process of applying to a university in France.

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