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What level of French is needed to study in France ?

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  1. Inseec answers on what level of French is needed to study in France
  2. Studying in France for an international student

To study in public universities in France, it is generally necessary to be able to speak the language of the country, which is French. At INSEEC-U’s business universities, English is the privileged language for classes.

1. Inseec answers on what level of French is needed to study in France

For students who wish to take the course in French, proof of their language skills will be required. This check is done to ensure that you will be able to study the course at the same level as French students. Our international students are therefore subject to an exam and must obtain a DALF C1 result.

The INSEEC-U Master‘s degree follows a Grandes Ecoles Program in several cities, which ensures professional recognition for the graduate. To encourage international students from around the world to apply to our institutions in France, our courses are available in English. With universities located in 4 major French cities, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambéry, INSEEC-U invites you to study in the heart of French culture and history. By sharing the daily life of the inhabitants of this country, you will experience real life abroad and learn the language in the best way.

2. Studying in France for an international student

Depending on your home country, a student visa will also be necessary in order to study at universities in France. The costs and time required to obtain a visa vary and it is important to find out in advance. Your applications to our program will be handled by the expertise and support of Campus France. This official organization assists international students in their higher education projects in French universities. Whether your goal is to complete a short course of study, such as an undergraduate Bachelor‘s degree, or to study French through a long course up to a Master’s degree or a Doctorate. Campus France is able to provide you with information on the degrees that young people who have completed high school can access in Paris  and in France, as well as on the tuition fees that they must pay.

Consult all information about obtaining a visa, its fees and the admission process.

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