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How to study in France after 12th ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. What can you do to study in France after 12th
  2. Prepare the right documents to apply to university in France

You are a recent high school graduate and want to start your new adventure in a higher education course abroad. France could be that great adventure! Particularly popular with international students, France is a country with an extraordinarily rich culture.

1. What can you do to study in France after 12th

Known for its quality higher education system, France also offers some of the most affordable tuition fees in Europe. With a vast network of public and private universities, France trains a student for a wide range of degrees, from Bachelor’s to PhD. INSEEC-U is a major management and business school in France and around the world. INSEEC-U’s universities are located in the most important cities in the country, such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. The degrees from our schools will open the doors to a great career in management or political science or give you access to numerous employment opportunities.

A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required by French universities to access the Master’s level. As an undergraduate student in France, you will start your course in INSEEC-U with a Bachelor’s degree before pursuing your course with a Master’s degree.

2. Prepare the right documents to apply to university in France 

Private universities, such as INSEEC-U, often have high tuition fees compared to public institutions. This difference is due to the high standards our schools set for the success of our foreign and French students. In order to encourage a student in a precarious situation to pursue his or her studies, the French government has set up a scholarship program. Also open to international students, the scholarship allows them to finance part or all of their tuition fees in France

Depending on your country of origin, a visa may be required to study at a university in France. Issued by the competent authorities, this student visa is generally easy to obtain and is a low-cost formality. EU nationals are not affected by these visa requirements.

An international student who wants to apply to an INSEEC-U program will be required to take a language test and submit his or her academic record.

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