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How to get a scholarship to study in France ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. Find out how to get scholarship to study in France
  2. Latest updates on the scholarship system

Universities in France offer a wide range of degree programs that are open to an undergraduate and extend to the Doctorate level through many Masters programs. The various fields of study that universities in France offer are eligible for scholarships.

1. Find out how to get scholarship to study in France

France‘s scholarship programs are among the most advantageous of any campus in Europe. They help cover the living expenses in the country.

In France, scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis for a student who is pursuing a higher education degree. Funded by the government and companies, universities provide scholarships to cover the living costs of French and foreign students. This financial assistance allows them to pay their tuition fees, which will be reimbursed if they enroll in public universities.

Scholarships are awarded at different degree levels and on certain criteria to a student who apply to the accredited institution and provide the necessary documents. A good academic record from the student‘s home country will be required to seriously consider the scholarship applications

2. Latest updates on the scholarship system

In order to finance your tuition fees in France, you can apply for a scholarship issued by the country or obtain grants.

Business schools and management schools and all other INSEEC-U universities that offer Masters courses are open to the world. In Paris or at one of our campuses in Lyon, Bordeaux or Chambéry, our study programs are available as continuing education or in parallel with an apprenticeship. The latter option offers unprecedented opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired in the course in the field and to practice the French language. Our Masters programs follow the Grande Ecole curriculum, which offers more prestige to the students and opens all the doors for them. Graduates are often offered positions within recognized companies or public institutions.

A student who applies to study abroad may benefit from scholarships for international students. In collaboration with Campus France, INSEEC-U has set up scholarships based on merit and social criteria, in order to encourage a greater number of students in precarious situations to apply and study in our schools.

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