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How much is it to study in France ?

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  1. Learn about how much is it to study in France
  2. What kind of help can you get

The French higher education system is among the best and most accessible in Europe on many levels. With a tremendous choice of programs in several major cities, France attracts undergraduate students for their Bachelor‘s degree, seduces Master‘s degree aspirants and convinces researchers.

1. Learn about how much is it to study in France

Whether you choose a public university or a private school, you will have to pay tuition fees in France. The amount varies according to the degree chosen, the level of study and the institutions in which the student has been accepted in France. Foreign students who submit their applications to study in France go through the international platform Campus France. It helps them plan their arrival and informs them about the different procedures and costs to be expected.

INSEEC-U has 4 campuses in France, in great cultural cities such as Paris and Lyon. Living among the inhabitants of these dynamic cities is particularly enriching for international students who can easily practice their language skills in the country

2. What kind of help can you get

In addition to seeking admissions to a university or schools in France, students can request funding to offset the costs of life abroad.

A scholarship available to international students allows them to finance their studies in France. Ranging from reimbursement of tuition fees to almost total financing of studies, this scholarship is offered in the university from the Bachelor‘s degree on. Smaller fee also applies for some students who meet the right criteria. The INSEEC-U university Master’s degree offers you the possibility to enter a Grandes Écoles program. This offer applies to fields such as engineering and provides you with a course of study at the level of École Polytechnique de Paris. This program of excellence also allows you to benefit from reduced fees.

Depending on your country of origin, you may need a student visa to study in France. Visa’s costs should be taken into account in your travel budget, which is why it is important to check it out more beforehand.

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