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Can I study in France without knowing French ?

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  1. Studying in France without knowing French
  2. Your application in France thanks to an international platform

Young people who have completed high school may consider moving to another country to begin their higher education. Among the many countries in Europe, France is a particularly good choice, especially because of its excellent higher education system, its many universities and its culture.

1. Studying in France without knowing French

Life in cities such as Paris offer a nice environment and an unforgettable experience for international students. Another advantage of a large city like Paris is the year-round presence of many foreign residents and tourists who usually communicate in English. 

French is the main language in France and it has a reputation for not being an easy language, but no worries, INSEEC-U’s universities and business schools offer you the opportunity to apply for Bachelor’s or Master‘s degrees taught entirely in English. At our international campuses you will be able to follow courses at the same level as French students without delays or penalties due to language. French language classes will be offered to international students based on their level, which will allow them to add to their skills when they enter the job market. 

2. Your application in France thanks to an international platform 

In France, the INSEEC-U universities offer Grandes Ecoles Master‘s programs, which are particularly interesting for international students as well as for French students. A graduate of a Grandes Écoles course will have a greater future in the professional world. He or she will be offered a job with responsibility more quickly and in the most important institutions around the world.

As an international student, Campus France is the place to get as much useful information as possible about preparing for your arrival at a university in Paris or elsewhere in France. Created specifically to promote education in France to international students, Campus France will guide you through the application process. This process is specific to each institution, which also sets the tuition fees.

Depending on your home country, a student visa may be required to study at a university in France

Before submitting your applications to a business school or universities in France, check whether you need a visa or not.

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