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Can I study in France without IELTS ?

Summary/Contents :

  1. Having access to study in France without IELTS
  2. Applying to french universities without IELTS on Campus France

Many colleges in Paris and throughout France require the presentation of an IELTS certificate for international students who apply to their institutions. In Paris, a school that teaches business and finance such as INSEEC-U sets its own admission rules and the cost of its tuition fees.

1. Having access to study in France without IELTS

INSEEC-U universities and business schools are present in 6 countries, including France with a campus in Paris, and offer a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from management to science.

The presentation of the IELTS is therefore not required for international students who apply to our universities. However, they will have to prove their level of English during a Skype interview with one of our professionals. Their application will then be reviewed by a commission that will judge the adequacy of their language skills to get the best education possible. 

A number of documents will be requested when you register for one of our academic programs. The list of documents to be provided includes a valid passport, letters of motivation and recommendation, translated if necessary. Visit the complete guide to French universities.

2. Applying to french universities without IELTS on Campus France

Among the various platforms where you can obtain information about whether or not you need IELTS to attend a university course in France, Campus France will be one of your privileged contacts.

Funded by the government and companies, Campus France is an official institution that promotes French higher education programs to foreign students outside and within the European Union. It is set up to encourage the mobility of all students across different countries of the world

France offers French and international students the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to cover their tuition fees. Students who do not meet the criteria for a scholarship can ask to have their studies partially-financed by a company that will take them on an internship. This first job will allow the future graduate to get a foot in the business world.

Campus France offers a number of services to students, including helping them to put together a complete scholarship application.

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