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A unique

The INSEEC Business SchoolThe INSEEC Business School Wine & Spirits institute offers international business training courses and studies from bachelor’s degrees to a MBA in the marketing and management of wine & spirits. Drawing on its network of alumni and expert speakers, and strengthened by its very close relationships with the major players in tourism and the wine & spirits industry, INSEEC Wine & Spirits develops its Bachelor's and MBA program around three axes: professional, international and technical.

The art
of living

A Master of Science or MSc is a postgraduate degree usually in the field of science and social sciences. MSc can be course-based, research-based, or a mixture of both. France offers a wonderful national system of higher education to not only its citizens, but also to foreigners. The country's dynamic culture attracts foreign students and those interested in pursuing international courses. France has a tradition of scientific and technological innovation as well as a non-ignorable culinary culture. This allows students to use their creativity to the full and master the art of wines and spirits. In France, we practice Art de Vivre (the art of living) - an approach to everyday life that incorporates beauty, culture, taste and connection. This is such a core part of our culture that France has been recognised by UNESCO for intangible cultural heritage in gastronomy (the art of eating and drinking). This programme will teach you how to translate the tradition of Art de Vivre into a thriving exporting business with a well built strategy.

An ever

The wine industry, just like in finance or communication, whose professional and international requirements have increased significantly, is looking for young people with in-depth sectoral competence and specific knowledge in wine marketing. This is why INSEEC Wine & Spirits was created. The wine and spirits market is becoming global: today, wines from France and the major European wine-producing countries (particularly Spain and Italy) are competing with wines from the world's new terroirs. INSEEC Wine & Spirits is preparing for these new trends.

At the same time, global consumption continues to grow, creating new markets for the wine industry. The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany will make the most significant progress, while the new consumers will be Scandinavia, Russia and certain Asian countries. INSEEC Wine & Spirits understands that today, to succeed in the wine industry, it is necessary to have a strong knowledge of wine marketing and international trade. It is in this sense that INSEEC Wine & Spirits has developed its programmes. This MBA Wine & Spirits provides students with all the necessary tools to succeed in the management of wines and spirits. It allows students to consolidate the fundamentals of management, law and management, and provides the basis for a solid business culture. In addition to these in-depth courses, the MBA Wine & Spirits includes practical situations and the mastery of tools such as computers and languages. Contact with the business world is achieved through a long-term internship (5 to 6 months) and the possibility of alternating between school and company. This Bac+4 course can be followed in French/English or entirely in English. Once a student completes its MBA a whole world of opportunity opens up to them. From middle upper managerial positions to buyer positions and even marketing director positions. On our website you can find more information for those wanting to know application deadlines or about admissions.

A full
international experience

With a worldwide network of 2,000 graduates and more than 110 experts, the INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institute (formerly the Bordeaux International Wine Institute) develops programmes around three key areas of performance: professionalization, internationalization and specialization.

The wine sector being very international, the INSEEC U. Group - a member of CampusFrance - is constantly strengthening its partnerships (over 200 to date) with foreign universities and schools. These agreements offer INSEEC Wine & Spirits students the truly multicultural and multilingual training necessary for a successful career in wine management. Thanks to its expertise and its network, INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institute already welcomes more than 50% of students from all over the world. At INSEEC Wine & Spirits, the Bachelor's degree and the MBA in wine and spirits, taught in English, prepare the future managers of global companies in the sector. They allow students to acquire in-depth skills in wine marketing, but also to enter the international and ambitious community of the wine sector and grow to their full potential.

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